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Komarinsky timber enterprise

 History of development GLHY «Komarinsky timber enterprise»

   GLHY «the Komarinsky timber enterprise» is organized in 1936 on the basis of woods «Wood of Belarus» and woods of local value, having the area of woods of 23.2 thousand in hectares. The timber enterprise office was in v.Verhnie Zarji. The top heats also settled down in were a manor of sir Rybnikova to which before October revolution of 1917 posessed woods.

  Submitted to the Gomel regional management of a forestry, the head of department was: Krivenja Evgenie Ivanovich. The main forest warden: Usovich Ludwig Adamovich. The director of timber enterprise: Mihajlov Alexander Mihajlovich. The senior (main) forest warden: Gubanov Alexander Jakovlevich.

On September, 20th, 1954 the timber enterprise functioned without division into forest areas, the state wood fund has been divided into 7 detours, over works in which experts rangers, but fair enough and executive heads supervised.

Timber enterprise material resources: 1 onboard motor vehicle GAS, load-carrying capacity 1.5 t, a horse the worker 1, oxen workers of 6 steams. In conditions unemployment an oxen was the basic working transport on трелевках wood and other cargoes, and on waste grounds glades are irreplaceable by soil preparation under wood cultures. The next years to timber enterprise of a distance of several steppe horses.

In domestic war the basic wood has been kept, except the Chikolovsky wood summer residence which on the area to 1,2 thousand in hectares has been passed by forest fire. The timber enterprise was engaged it wood restoration and long enough period as clearing of the areas of unfortunate creature was required.

 From carrying out of cabins of care by wood it was annually prepared 8.0 thousand c.m. Liquid wood. On the main using small holiday of wood on a root local both to collective farms and state farms of local area is spent.

 On industrial activity, on the machine tool of handicraft manufacturing from aspen wood, the roofing was issued щепа. In small volume it was prepared grape amount and a miner rack.

         On collateral using the plan of preparation of hay in spare state fund was carried out.

   In September, 1954 3 forest areas have been organised: Zharovsky, Krjukovsky, Savichsky. States of forest areas have been completed by graduates of Buda-Koshelevsky wood technical school, is directed for work - 6 people of Release 1954г.

By the first forest wardens have been appointed:

In Zharovsky l-in Mazalov Nikolay Pavlovich

In Krjukovsky l-in Afanasenko Michael Emeljanovich

In Savichsky l-in Kobjalka Dmitry Fedorovich

In 1960 it is spent the wood device woods the state wood fund.

Amounts of works on cabins of care of wood have considerably increased to 14,0 thousand c.m. And annually increase on 1,5 - 2,0 thousand c.m. Liquid wood also have reached in 32,4 thousand c.m. Stably till 1986 (year of failure Chernobyl nuclear electro station) were carried out in it volume. Wood restoration it was made on the area of 650 hectares - 750 hectares annually.

In 1960 under the decision regional executive committee the timber enterprise has been translated in Комарин. Same year economic way have been constructed 2 - two-room apartment houses for workers of timber enterprise.

 The timber enterprise office originally took places in a district executive committee building, then a premise of barrack-type type of the former children's home.

The Komarinsky administrative area has been abolished in 1963. For this reason, in the released building of regional department of militia have placed office of Komarinsky timber enterprise.

   Shop of processing of wood, in structure 2х “kryulo – piljnye” machine tools of handicraft manufacturing have temporarily placed in the former stable of militia, now a timber enterprise warehouse-garage. Long the shop here was not, as noise created inconvenience to the neighbor and its beer apiary and on the basis of the instruction sanitary epidemic service has been closed.

In short term the bricklaying building in the state wood fund on a standard project a joint venture HARMONY - has been constructed. A tare workshop where and on present time the shop of processing of wood works

In March, 1970 on the basis of accepted in the state wood fund the territories occupied with wood and belonging earlier to collective farms and for the account разукрупнения Krjukovsky and Zharovsky forest areas it agreed the order of the Ministry of forestry БССР №38 from March,17th, 1970 the Komarinsky forest area is formed.

   In 1977 the structure of Komarinsky timber enterprise included Braginsky, nowadays the Lubeniksky and Petritsky forest areas transferred from structure May Day, nowadays of Hojnitsky timber enterprise by order the Minsk timber enterprise BSSR №41 from April, 22nd, 1977

   In 1982 927 hectares of the area belonging to the Savichsky forest area and located in territory of Hojniksky area by order the Minsk timber enterprise BSSR №42 from April, 14th, with a view of perfection of organizational work are transferred May Day (Hojniksky) timber enterprise.

The big changes in structure of Komarinsky timber enterprise have occurred after accident on the Chernobyl atomic power station in connection with impurity of territory радионуклидами. So it agree the order Gomel PLHO №218 from 06.12.1987 of wood fund of 10889 hectares from structure of Krjukovsky, Savichsky and Zharovsky forest areas have been transferred Half-Esky state radiatsionno - to ecological reserve, and the Krjukovsky forest area has been completely abolished.

   And 9440 more hectare of wood fund have passed to structure of reserve from structure of Zharovsky, Komarinsky and Savichsky forest areas it agree the order Gomel ПЛХО №171 from 21.10.1999 9632,5 hectares of woods belonging to collective farms and state farms are transferred. In 2000 №809 items 19 agree decisions Облисполкома. From 21.12.2000 in structure Goslesfonda of Komarinsky timber enterprise from structure from structure of the earths of collective farms and state farms has passed 1670,5 more hectare.

According to the order of the Ministry of a forestry №247 from December,30th, 1999 on the basis of Lubeniksky and Petritsky forest areas and the accepted earths from collective farms and state farms the Malinovsky forest area has been organised. Only in a current of last four years (2001 2004) in timber enterprise structure it was accepted 4,5 thousand more hectare of woods of collective farms and state farms.

         According to the order of the Ministry of a forestry of Byelorussia №235 from 27.09.2006 years «About creation of Loevsky timber enterprise» from structure of Komarinsky timber enterprise the Malinovsky forest area by a total area of 7285 hectares has been deduced and transferred in structure of Loevsky timber enterprise.

Now the total area of territory of Komarinsky timber enterprise Makes 45,3 thousand in hectares, including covered wood of 35,6 thousand in hectares. Woody makes 34 %.

   The timber enterprise is located in юго-east part of the Gomel area in Braginsky's territory of administrative area of-45, 3 thousand in hectares.

           Extent of territory of timber enterprise makes from the north on the south-90 km, from the east on the West-40 km.

         The timber enterprise structure includes 5 forest areas: Zharovsky, Komarinsky, Savichsky, Lubeniksky, Petritsky. There is a shop on wood processings. In timber enterprise 204 persons, from them 148 people - in a forestry and 56 people, in the industry work

   The basic directions in collective work are: protection of wood from fires and autocratic fillings, protection of wood against wreckers and illnesses, wood restoration, leaving cabins, industrial preparation and wood processing, collateral using, delivery of production to home market and export putting in order in woods, personal plots, offices, etc.

The big contribution to development of timber enterprise from the date of its formation have brought: - directors of timber enterprises -

Mihajlov A.M.-1951-57 of

Timoshkov Item S.-1957-66 of of

Savochkin A.F.-1966-69 of

Shershevsky M. А.-1969-79 of of

Siskin of Century of M.-1979-83 of

Pashinsky Century I.-1983-2012 of of

The former main forest warden, nowadays the engineer on Mazalov N.P.'s labour safety, were the engineer on a forestry nowadays pensioner Smirnova A.M., the former chief accountant (pensioner) Klimenok N.N., the former forest warden Lubeniksky forest areas (pensioner) of Kulyba A.E., the former forest warden of the Zharovsky forest area Belchenko A.A., chief. Forestry department Pashinsky Century И, the former forester of the Savichsky forest area Pinchuk P. I, the former forester of the Lubeniksky forest area Zahozhij I.I. and many other things.